Sister Mary Lou Miller's Legacy

To show our deep appreciation for Sister Mary Lou’s impact in the community, Mercy Center partnered with the Sisters Academy of NJ Alumnae Association to launch a fund in her honor to support Sisters Academy. Together, we have raised $120,000!

We are excited that an incredibly generous, anonymous donor has pledged to fully match our total goal of $120,000. The Sister Mary Lou Miller Legacy Fund has reached a total of $240,000!

Please join us in continuing to honor Sister Mary Lou’s legacy. Your support allows us to provide an education of excellence and make meaningful, life-long change for the next generation of girls.

Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us achieve this remarkable milestone.

I remember when Sister Mary Lou...

 “Sister Mary Lou is a woman dedicated to the well-rounded education of our Academy students.  She has provided diverse opportunities for our girls, which will hopefully influence many of their future decisions.  Sister sees the “whole picture,” and is a strong advocate for our Academy family.  And—her organizational skills are “through the roof!”

– Sister Diane Matera

 “I can remember about 6 years ago it was July 4th weekend.  I received a call from Sister Mary Lou informing me that there had been a flood in the school and we would need to have an emergency meeting that Tuesday.  I remember thinking to myself, “how bad could this be?”  I was devastated when I saw my classroom and the state of the school.  There were not words to describe it.  As I listened to the plan of how we would be opening in September, I thought to myself, “this will never happen.”  I was so impressed at how hard and precise Sister worked to rebuild this school in 8 weeks.  School opened on time as if nothing ever happened.

 Sister Mary Lou is somebody that excels at dealing with crisis, her ability to think logically enables her to put a plan into action and see it through to the end.  That is definitely a skill that is needed in education and one that certainly benefited the students of the Academy.

 As I reflect over the 13 years I worked with Sister Mary Lou, I always remember the way she treated the girls in the way she spoke to them and the way she treated them.  She always made sure they knew what was happening in the building, made sure they were safe and always let them know they were the reason this school existed.

 We will miss her very much!

– Tom Bugliaro