1. How can I apply to the Academy?
Click here to submit your information. Or you and your parent and/or guardian can come to the Academy and ask for an application packet.

2. Is there tuition?
Normally, families are asked to pay a very small portion of the tuition. For the 2021/22 school year, all tuition payments will be waived. Additionally, tuition free opportunities are available.

3. Do the girls wear uniforms?
Yes, all students wear uniforms to school.

4. Does Sisters Academy provide lunch?
Yes, the Academy provides lunch four days a week, Monday-Thursday. Breakfast is served Monday- Friday. Dismissal on Friday is at 12:30pm.

5. Do I have to be Catholic to go to the Academy?
No, the Academy is a Catholic school however, you do not have to be Catholic to attend the Academy.

6. Is there busing?
No, the Academy does not provide transportation. Most of our students walk or carpool. Neptune students have busing provided.

7. Do I have to live in Asbury Park to attend Sisters Academy?
No, girls come from Asbury Park, Neptune, Long Branch, Bradley Beach and Brick to attend the Academy.

8. Is there an Entrance Exam?
Yes, all applicants must take an entrance exam given at the Academy. This is part of the application process.

9. What is the length of the school year?
Sisters Academy of New Jersey has a school year that runs September-July. The fourth marking period for grades 5, 6 and 7 ends in July. 8th grade students graduate in June and have three marking periods.

10. What time does school start and when do I get out?
The Academy day begins at 7:45 am. Monday- Thursday dismissal is at 4:00pm. Every Friday dismissal is at 12:30pm. This enables the faculty to meet each week.