Our Students

Sisters Academy provides its students with opportunities that enable them to strive for educational excellence. The Academy believes in challenging students to think critically, communicate effectively and develop a sense of social and moral justice so as to enable them to live as global citizens within a global community.

A Sisters Academy student is prepared academically to compete on a peer level and beyond. Students are instilled with a strong moral fiber and compass to navigate in society. They are equipped with leadership skills to raise themselves to the next echelon, as well as lift up future generations to follow in their footsteps.

The Academy provides students with a variety of opportunities and experiences that prepare them for higher education while enabling them to continually strive for educational and personal excellence. Students are challenged to think critically, communicate effectively, effectuate systemic change in themselves and in society, develop a sense of social and moral justice, and to ultimately live accordingly.

Students in Sisters Academy are encouraged to discover new ways to deal with issues in their lives that will help them maintain a sense of “self”. They are emboldened to pursue a future in a chosen profession and, with the help of faculty, to draw up the plans they need to achieve their goals.

The integration of religious truth and values in the learning process distinguishes the Academy as an academic institution dedicated to educating the whole student.

This integration serves to stimulate the imagination, inquisitiveness and interest of each student. The Academy has a diverse population that includes students with varying religious beliefs.

The Academy has a graduate support system in place that provides continued assistance to students in high school as well as higher education. Additionally, the Academy provides networking opportunities for its alumnae in high school, higher education and beyond.

The students of the Academy recognize that they have been given the gift of an education of excellence; therefore, they are expected to exhibit a sense of gratitude and give back service to the Academy and to their community. All Academy students and graduates are asked to model this sense of gratitude among themselves, to future students, visitors and benefactors.

By offering our students this education of excellence, combined with a full family focus, the cycle of poverty will be broken and its immediate effects, eradicated.

Our students will become people who, throughout their lifetime, become agents of systemic change and role models who break the cycle of poverty in their own lives and in the lives of others who face similar challenges.


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