About Sisters Academy of New Jersey Alumnae Association

On Saturday, October 5, 2019, Mercy Center’s Sisters Academy of New Jersey hosted and formally launched the Sisters Academy of New Jersey Alumnae Association. The Association’s Founders formally announced the resolution to form the Association as read and accepted by Sister Mary Louise Miller, Principal. The group pledge was made by all the present members.

The purpose of our Association is for us to maintain relationships with each other and the school, promote awareness of the mission and success of Sisters Academy, be actively engaged in the community, provide opportunities for personal and professional development, and aid in the spiritual growth of all alumnae.

Contact Information:


Leadership Team & Association Policies

For the interim period until the election of the officers, the Leadership Team will be:

  • (4) Association Founders: Endera Preval ’01, Martine Pierre ’02, Valencia (Constant) Gomez ’03, and Withney Barthelemy ‘12
  • (2) TBD Association Class Representatives
  • Principal of Sisters Academy – Sister Mary Lou Miller
  • Moderator of Association – Dianne Meserlin
  • Director of Development, Mercy Center – Eileen Greenlay

After the first election in April of 2020, the Association Founders will be replaced with (3) Association Officers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Communications Liaison

Officer Applications

Alumnae Spotlight

We are proud to be part of a legacy where every graduate of Sisters Academy has also graduated from high school. To learn more about what your sisters have been up to, watch this video.

Each quarter we will profile one of our sisters and share their story.