OUR curriculum...

Sisters Academy is an eleven (11) month educational program with an extended day curriculum. The Academy utilizes the New Jersey Common Core Curriculum that is enhanced with the supplemental Core Knowledge Curriculum and a Life Skills Program.

Students arrive for breakfast at 7:45 AM each day. The academic day has classes in Integrated Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Latin, Music, Art and Social Studies.

The Academy has a school wide study hall time that enables students to work on their own, yet have a teacher available to offer assistance when/if necessary.

Various additional activities are offered to our students such as: fencing, open gym, golf, yoga, meditation, therapeutic writing, creative writing and boat building to name just a few. There are also programs designed to challenge gifted and talented students, especially in Math and Science. In addition to the regular on-site offerings, Sisters Academy also provides students with opportunities for field trips to museums, theatrical productions and curriculum supporting conferences and workshops.

The curriculum is designed to encompass the entire child. Its eleven-month program is designed to provide students with not only academics but also interpersonal skills, artistic and athletic experiences within a loving environment. The Academy challenges its students to not only develop connections within its local community but to become aware of and a part of the global community as well.